Sen. Umeh Proposes Ways Insecurity Can Be Resolved

From: IFEANYI Okonkwo

The former national chairman of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA), Senator Victor Umeh has urged the federal government to listen to aggrieved persons/group and dialogue with them.

Umeh while speaking to newsmen in Awka after the commissioning of the newly appointed Commissioners by Governor of Anambra state Chukwuma Soludo stated that Justice does not hurt anybody, but injustice will hurt everybody and that is what Nigeria is experencing today.

According to the Anambra Central Senotorial district aspirant, “dialogue is the solution. If someone is complaining about injustice done to his people, you meet them and discuss with them.

“People who are in authority have refused to use the appropriate mechanism to resolve conflict in Nigeria. That mechanism is dialogue. When I was at the Senate, I was very loud on it.

“The only way Nigeria can be peaceful is for us to have a policy of inclusiveness. If the federal government carry all parts of Nigeria along, without discrimination, with equity and justice, everybody will be happy.

“When you continue to discriminate certain people, they will continue to agitate for their rights.

“On the Indeginous People of Biafra (IPOB) issues, I blame the federal government for not doing the right thing. They can manage it without use of force. If you engage people and listen to them, make adjustments, change your attitude towards them, they will corporate with you.

“These idea of sending soldiers after people will not solve any problem. This country will be good for all of us when all of use are giving equal citizenship rights. If people are complaining and you neglect them, one day, you will not have the means of resolving the problems again. It will become soo unmanageable. We still have little time left to listen to grievances of various parts of Nigeria.

On the recent attacks in Anambra State, senator Umeh said those expressing their grievances in a manner that is destroying the peace of the state should have a re-think.

“There are alternative ways to go about these things. We need to have a peaceful Anambra state so that the new administration led by Prof. Chukwuma Soludo will be able to work

“We have only one Anambra state and one Igbo land. We have to be peaceful and work together as brothers and sisters to confront our common challenges. In an atmosphere of insecurity, we will be destroying our homeland.

“I share in the plight of those who are not happy, and I have always been joining in expressing these grievances. I have been canvasing the issues that affect the South East people and I will continue to do so.

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