~Interfaces and synergizes with media stalwarts and practitioners.

Awka, Anambra State.
3rd March 2022

Awka – The director general of Ozowara campaign organization, Hon Isaac Onuka fetes and interfaces with the media stalwarts and practitioners of Ozowara campaign organization in a breakfast interaction.

The interactive chit chat was to chart a new course for media proficiency, efficacy, image making and for reputation development using the arsenals of social media tools and platforms.

Unarguably, the impacts, efforts and antecedents of Ozowara so far, both in public office and personal dispensation is unhidden and evident enough for us to see.
In the words of Hon Isaac Onuka, he made it known that the importance of social media can never be undermine, ignored or jettisoned. Invariably, social media can promote an image and as well, mare an image depending on it usage.

In the same vein, he task the media influencers and activist to be image makers and be of good ambassadors to Ozowara’s project, ambition and antecedents.

In similar vein, media consultant, Mr Izu Oraelosi enlightened the media arm on it’s functionality, modus operandi and ethics for the sake of professionalism and efficiency.
The synopsis of his brief interactive lecture centers on packaging, branding and media promotion, bringing on board creativity, innovation into the media space that will enhance promotion and building up on personality, reputation and antecedents of the principal.

The media breakfast interactive segment was wrapped up with refreshments and group photographs.

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