Don’t Abort Praying With Kola Nuts & Invoking Your Ancestors In The Name Of Christianity -Rev Oluoma

Reverend Father Oluoma Chinenye John, a Catholic Priest of the Catholic Archdiocese of Abuja has condemned some religious believes about some Nigerian cultural practices, using the Kola nut as a case study. This was disclosed in a video on Facebook by a popular handle hours ago.

According to the Catholic priest, if Christianity is to live a life of Christ, why can’t believers do the things Jesus Christ did when He was on Earth? Jesus Christ attended a wedding party and followed Jewish traditions that He met. He socialized; He wasn’t rigid but He was flexible.

According to the Reverend Father from the video: “Sometimes, I feel they have locked the brains of many Believers that they can’t think anymore. How will someone in his right thinking senses say that praying with Kola Nuts and invoking the spirits of their ancestors are fetish acts?

“If there are wicked ancestors, there are also good ancestors. For example, I have not seen where they are breaking the Kola Nuts and they are saying evil things. They always bless the Kola Nuts by invoking the spirits of our good ancestors.

Many people will wait for their Catholic Priest to break the Kola Nuts. No, it is wrong. That is the work of the elders. When we invoke the Saints in the Church, are they not the spirits of our departed ancestors?

“Some cultures don’t allow women to watch some masquerades all in the name that they will not give birth. Some of those things are just to put fear in your heart. If that is your culture, please respect it. Any traditional and cultural rites that are not fetish, please partake in it. Don’t abort our cultural practices in the name of Christianity”.

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